Avail the Best Services at Laser Hair Removal Calgary!!!

These days many people find it difficult to shave or wax on a regular basis in order to discard unwanted hair. For these people, laser hair removal Calgary is the best solution. In fact, using laser for removing unwanted hair has become very common in today’s world. Many leading laser Hair Removal Clinic such as Advance Laser Clinic provide its dedicated services in this regard.During this process, highly concentrated beams of light are passed through the hair follicles. The pigment in the follicles absorbs this light, which destroys the unwanted hair. The laser hair removal treatment is done in different parts of the body like leg, face, arm, bikini line, underarm, etc.

Avail the Best Services at Laser Hair Removal Calgary!!!

There are several benefits for using this method like precision, speed, and predictability. Talking about the aspect of precision, the laser beams can choose dark-colored, uneven hairs with greater precision, without causing damage to the surrounding skin. Discussing about the aspect of speed, every laser pulse takes approximately a fraction of a second and is capable of treating numerous hairs simultaneously. Smaller areas such as upper lip could be treated within a minute and larger areas like back or legs may take up to one hour or so. As far as the element of predictability is concerned, many patients have reported permanent hair loss after about three to seven sessions.

Laser hair removal is purely a medical procedure rather than just removing the undesirable hair. Because of this reason, it requires highly qualified professionals to conduct this process and further, it includes potential risks as well. In fact, before getting this process done, it is mandatory to check the credentials of the doctor or technician who performs it. If you are planning to get your unwanted hair removed using laser, it is better to avoid plucking, electrolysis, and waxing for around six weeks before commencing the treatment. This is because the laser beams target the root of the hair which gets removed temporarily during waxing or plucking. Avoiding sun exposure for six weeks before and after this procedure is mandatory in order to avoid further complications after treatment.

After this process is completed, you may be offered ice packs, anti-inflammatory creams or lotions, or cold water so as to give a soothing effect. The next treatment session could be scheduled after a duration of four to six weeks. In fact, you can opt for this treatment until the hair growth is stopped. Some of the potential side effects include redness, swelling, and scarring.

In short, the laser hair removal process is quite effective in eliminating the unwanted hair if carried out by highly-trained professionals

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